The inheritance and history of Agra is closely related to the Mughal dynasty. Sultan Sikandar Lodi, the Ruler of the Delhi Sultanate founded Agra in 1504 but after his death Sultan Ibrahim Lodi ruled the sultanate till he lost the first battle of Panipat in 1526. Agra was then known as Akbarabad and since it was one of the important cities in India under the Mughals it witnessed a lot of building activities. The entire city was revamped and various important monuments were built under the regime of Akbar, Jehangir, and Shah Jahan. The most prized and a masterpiece of Agra the Tajmahal was one among the favorite and unique gifts by Shahjahan to his wife. The architectural beauty was constructed by Persian Architect Ustad Isa in 1653.

Places of attraction in Agra

Taj Mahal - A UNESCO world Heritage Site,regarded as the symbol of Love and rich Heritage of India. A traveler in each of us desires to visit Agra and witness the beauty of this symbol of love at least once in our lifetime. Located at the bank of the majestic River Yamuna, the monument built on the marble platform speaks on its own and defines its beauty. The interiors are decorated with fine inlay work, incorporating semi-precious stones which enhance its beauty and leave the visitor speechless. The Taj Mahal is truly one of the seven wonders of the world. One can see the Taj Mahal from any angle or point, it is amazingly a perfect monument of white marble.

Agra Fort: - A UNESCO world Heritage site also known as the Red Fort Agra made from the Red Sandstones. Located on the bank of Yamuna River and almost in the city center. This fort is a typical example of Mughal architecture, effectively showing how the North Indian style of fort construction differed from that of the South. It was the former residence of the Mughal Dynasty and three emperors Akbar, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb, each of whom made a significant contribution to amazing Architecture in the inner building.

The Fatehpur Sikri: - is another stunning attraction of the city and a UNESCO world Heritage site. It was the headquarter of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri is known for its famous Buland Darwaza which is 53.63 m high and 35 meters wide. A message from Jesus advising his followers not to consider this world as their permanent home is scripted on it. It is a deserted Red Sandstone city, also known as the “city of Victory”. The City was constructed and founded by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th Century and served as the Capital of the Mughal Empire but it was abandoned shortly afterwards due to the lack of water or so on. Even after 300 years its building still looks perfect in condition. It consists of Palaces, Halls and a mosque.

Itmad ud Daulah -: It is a 17th century mausoleum, the Tomb of Itmad ud daulah is known as Baby taj and often regarded as a draft of Taj Mahal. Tomb is entirely made of Marble. Primarily it was made from the Redstone with Marble and its second phase it was based on White marble and inlay work most elegantly found in Taj Mahal. Itmad ud daulah is the tomb of Mirza Ghiyas Beg and his wife Asmat Begum who served Akbar. He was the father of Noor Jahan and grandfather of Mumtaz Mahal. He was made the Vazir (prime minister) after Nuz Jahan's marriage with Jahangir in 1611.

Sikandra -: It's the tomb of Akbar. The Construction of the tomb was started by Akbar himself and subsequently completed by his son Jehangir in 1613. The tomb is of four stories, three of Red Sandstone and top story is of white marble. The other attractions of the city include Mariam Tomb, Mankameshwar Temple, Jama Masjid, and Mughal Heritage Walk.

Ways to reach

Being a major tourist place the city hosts a number of markets and restaurants and places to stay. One can reach here with different modes of transport. There are hourly buses from Delhi and other nearby cities for Agra and if you opt to go by Train there are many trains which can take you to this city from any part of India but the most popular one is the Gatiman Express. People Travelling by Air can land at Agra’s Kheria airport located just 7 km away from the city.

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