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India is one of the most traveled destinations globally. Luxury India Vacations has designed numerous India tour packages for showcasing the best of what India has to offer. India is not just a geographical entity but it is an idea which has exercised mystic charm on the imagination of the people since immemorial. It is superlative in all its aspects be it geographical diversity, culture, history, religion, etc. Every aspect of it mesmerizes. The tourists would feel rejuvenated after their trip to India. There is something for every kind of tourist. If you are a nature lover, India is home to vast flora and fauna. The scenic mountains and variety of forests would overwhelm you. From the majestic Himalayas in the North to the dark green rainforests of Kerala in the South, India has everything a nature or wildlife lover can ask for.

Tourists coming to India find it very exciting and enriching to explore the myriad attractions of India tourism. Luxury India Vacations has this exemplary aim of revealing the hidden splendor and richness of Indian culture and heritage for the benefit of the tourists. There are inexhaustible treasures for every Indian tour operator to showcase. We are doing just exactly that. Luxury India Vacations is not merely following the mainstream India travel attraction but also those destinations which are not on the tourist map but are equally important part of Indian cultural lore and beauty. It is our job to bring to the tourists every aspect of Indian journey. The tourists get to experience the legendary India hospitality. Luxury India Vacations conducts excellent India tours and is a well-regarded travel company. We are among the best Indian travel agents.

India has countless heritage sites. If you are into Indian heritage, you will not be disappointed as the history of Indian heritage goes back to Indus Valley. From the times of Indus to the present times, you have an incredible Indian journey to traverse. Explore the aesthetic of Ajanta & Ellora. Then, there are awesome Mughal monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, etc. There is so much to explore you just can not help booking an India holiday package and embarking on the incredible India journey. For Beach lovers, India has got magnificent beaches. You would love to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. Kerala beaches offer vast palm-fringed expanse of golden sands. Here, you would love the serenity of the beaches. Goa beaches are the most well-known across the world. Go had been a Portuguese colony and still you can feel the Iberian influence walking around Old Goa. It is quite European in its feel.

The breadth and diversity of India would astound you. In the extreme North, you have Leh-Ladakh. It is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and has a rugged mystic charm of its own. You will just love to immerse in its otherworldly feel. Adjacent to it, you have Kashmir known as paradise on earth. You will feel that the time of your Holidays in India is not enough to see the incredible destinations of India. Delhi is an eclectic cultural centre and capital of India. Here, you can explore the colonial and Mughal heritage. In Rajasthan, you have magnificent palaces and imposing forts, the finest specimens of Rajput architecture. India travel packages have no dearth of attractions. You have countless destinations to choose from. Kerala backwaters are another very popular India travel attraction. Kerala Ayurvedic massage is a very famous therapy for relaxation & rejuvenation. Don’t miss it when you travel to Kerala.

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